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This story is about uniting Amn, Tethyr and Calisman.

The First Attempt was made soon after these three regions where torn apart by an evil plot by Waterdeep.

At that time the Seven High Kings of Camnthyr, where subject to that plot and became infamous to the eyes of their people and finally made to quit their thrones.

Of course, noble blood was in their vains and love for their people filled their hearts. As for that, they bound themselves under the secret oath

As the years past a prophesy was given out on account of this oath. When this prophesy is fulfilled, the three towns will be one again and the seven kings shall rule these lands.

In modern times, it is very difficult to track down the descendens of the High Kings and there is a good possibility that even they are not aware of their destiny.

In this story, strange acts will be played and fate will lead the way of the party even if they do not know it. Fate will also play the sttrings against the NPCs, in order to bring all Seven High Kings togrther once again.

There goes how fate pulls its strings not completed

There goes how it all starts not completed

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